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Course Description
Title: First Aid Instructor Training Course (Train-The-Trainer)
  1. Basic structure of ISO 29990:2010 for Learning Service Providers (LSPs) 
  2. List the code of conduct of assessors 
  3. List the steps of instructions for the conduct of assessments
  4. Perform Assessment Records
  5. Principles of adult learning
  6. Roles and responsbilities of facilitators 
  7. Bandaging methods in accordance to Singapore Red Cross Academy standards
  8. Facilitation of theory and practical sessions for First Aid courses
  1. Introduction to ISO 29990:2010
  2. Conducting of First Aid Assessment
  3. Delivery of Learning Services
  4. Key Learning Points of First Aid
  5. Presentation Assessment
Registration Details
Duration: 3.00 Days
Exclude GST
$ 2500.00
Remarks: Recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) & National First Aid Council (NFAC). This course has also been approved under the Continuing Professional Development Programme, where Workplace Safety and Health Officers will be awarded 24 Safety Development Unit (SDU) points. Not eligible for Skills Development Funding (SDF)
Requirements and Certification
  • Statement of Attainment in First Aid Instructor Course (Train-The-Trainer and Methods of Instruction)
  • Assessment: Certificate of Participation in First Aid Instructor Course (Train-The-Trainer and Methods of Instruction) Comprising of Observations, Trainings & Assessments who meet the passing criteria within 12 months from course commencement which includes: ● Phase 2: OFAC (23.5hrs) / SFAC (20hrs) Observation* ● Phase 3A: OFAC/SFAC Trainee-Instructor Assessment 1 (T1) ● Phase 3A: OFAC/SFAC Trainee-Examiner Assessment 1 (E1) ● Phase 3B: OFAC/SFAC Trainee-Instructor Assessment 2 (T2) ● Phase 3B: OFAC/SFAC Trainee-Examiner Assessment 2 (E2) ● Phase 3C: OFAC/SFAC Review of Performance by FAT 3 CT/ACT *Select one (1) course type observation. Phase 3A & 3B will be according to the chosen course type. However, participants with ACTA will automatically be assigned to observe OFAC route.
    • Must have at least 5 years of relevant work experience in the training of healthcare or life support industry (Practising Nurses & Paramedics Level III are welcomed)
    • Valid First Aid Certification (NFAC-accredited)
    • Valid BCLS & CPR+AED or BCLS+AED instructor certification (NRC-accredited)
    • ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 and above
    • Able to communicate effectively in English language for class facilitation purposes
    To teach Occupational First Aid Courses:
    • Full ACTA (6 CUs) certification for mandatory full-time trainer and associate trainers
    • Attended the Code of Ethics workshop approved by MOM
    Language: English
    Medical fitness:
    • Does not have any history or underlying medical heart and lung conditions or any physical disabilities/problems such as knee, spinal or joints injury. Please consult your doctor to get the necessary clearance to undertake the CPR practice
    • Pregnant ladies are discouraged from undertaking the CPR practice for safety reasons
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